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"Hiring Honey Films to film our wedding video was like hitting the jackpot!"- Megan Wyrick

"You’d be missing out if you didn’t choose them to capture your big day.

If I could give Honey Films 1000 stars I would!"- Kenzie Brown


Every Bride’s biggest regret on her wedding day is not hiring a videographer. Ask one and she'll be the first to admit it.


Imagine having all the special little memories captured perfectly on film to re-watch over and over again! Dad seeing the bride in her wedding dress and tearing up. The bridesmaids laughing as they pop champagne. The groom fighting tears as he reads his vows in front of the entire family. It’s the little moments throughout the day, filmed in-between the pictures that really define the story of a wedding. When mom prays with the bride or when the best man gives a toast to the groom before the ceremony.


Video cameras allow us to capture those voices and be heard throughout time. Just imagine if your grandparents had a wedding film. Would you watch it? If you could see their faces and hear their voices, you would be immersed with them on their special day, where it all began.


Honey Films is dedicated not only to creating sweet wedding films, but heirlooms that will be in your family for generations. Our hope is that your great-grandchildren will experience your wedding film and truly understand where they originate from.




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Photography is a staple of the wedding industry.

There are thousands of photographers in any given town. What sets Honey Films apart from the rest? 

Honey Films is more than a film company. We are also a professional photographers and a print shop!

Honey Films is primarily a film company which means we are at heart, photographers. After all, a film is entirely made from a succession of pictures. We treat every moment as fleeting and aim to tell love stories in a sweet way. We love capturing beautiful snapshots and we understand that these are photographs you will look at for the rest of your life. 

We love our photographs to be bright, clear, and true to life. 

it's your wedding day

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meet the team


Videographer, Photographer, Editor

Michael was born and raised in Los Angeles, California until he moved to Hattiesburg, Mississippi with his family in 1999. Michael loved the laid-back, hospitable vibe of the South and enrolled in college at The University of Southern Mississippi in 2012 and studied abroad in London and Amsterdam where he focused on film, music, copyright law, and journalism.  He has always had a passion for the film and entertainment business, working his way up with Hollywood production companies and large scale event production here in Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas. Michael found his niche in the wedding industry as he grew, and has made a career out of creating timeless wedding films. He founded Honey Films in 2019 and continues to create beautiful wedding films each day.

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Videographer, Photographer, Editor


Kaycee is the life of the party. She enjoys meeting new people, laughing and having a fun time, which makes her perfect for the Honey Films team. Kaycee was born in Mississippi but not too long later she started her life journey in Seattle, WA. After making her way back home to the South, she picked up her first camera during the pandemic and learned how to film weddings, finding much joy in her work, she asked to tag along with the Honey Films crew for her first gig and the rest is history. She is always looking for an adventure and any way to spice things up a bit. She loves weddings and making people happy by remembering their special day in an unforgettable way. Every wedding is different, but each one reminds her that love is real and pure. From a Southern, small town girl- to making dreams come true. "Lets Celebrate!"

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Videographer, Editor


A talented artist, born and raised in Mississippi. Patrick has always had a background in art & design. Growing up, he was interested in film production, and went from studying the fundamentals in college, to producing films of his own. He is an expert in visual storytelling, and whether or not he is behind the camera or at the editing table, he brings that expertise to every film we produce. Already at his young age he has several academic degrees and his portfolio contains hundreds of high-quality works. Honey Films wouldn't be the same without him!

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Shawna, Mother of the Bride

These guys are absolutely WONDERFUL!!! They far exceeded my expectations and frankly, I’m pretty hard to please. Not only did they do a truly beautiful job for my daughter’s wedding, but they were super fun and professional. One of her friends wants them to try and redo the video from their wedding (which cost them quite a lot more than ours did). From the hours of footage they took, they compiled a perfect video capturing the most special moments in such a beautiful and creative way. I give them a perfect 10!!!

Anna, Bride

From the moment I met Michael and Cory, I knew these two were special. They have instantly become two wonderful friends who I admire so incredibly much. I am beyond grateful that they were able to come and be a part of our special day. They were easy to work with throughout the entire process, and weren’t afraid to try new things and think outside of the box when it came to our wedding video. This is truly something that my husband and I will cherish for the rest of our lives P.S- still sobbing even after watching it a million times already!! Michael & Cory, we could never thank you enough for everything. We love you both!

Stephanie, Venue Sales Manager

As a Venue Sales Manger, I have worked with countless Videographers and Honey Films is by far one of my favorites!  When I recommend vendors to my clients, I need to know I am referring them to someone who not only will do a great job but will also be responsive! They are so personable, professional yet fun. They put everyone at ease from the clients to our staff. You can sense that they are passionate about their craft and truly care about the couples they work with. I highly recommend them!

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