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It's your special day

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As wedding photographers and videographers, we capture several weddings each week. We have seen it all and we have some pro tips that we hope will help make your wedding day everything you dreamed it to be!

Tip #1


Don't overspend on your photography package and leave too little for your video budget.

With videography on the rise, it is the MOST unique and immersive way to re live your wedding day. We often see many brides LOVE a Videographer's work but can't budget a decent video package in because they spent far too much on a photographer. Photographer's are a dime a dozen, and there are plenty of fantastic photographers that charge a fair rate and produce wonderful work. 



Everything that photography captures, video will capture and more. Think about it... Video is afterall  a succession of pictures accompanied by sound. In the near future, brides will probably only hire a videographer to capture their wedding day and take high quality screenshots from their video to print wedding pictures.


So if a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Tip #2

Don't procrastinate- Write your letter or vows far before your wedding day.

So often we show up on wedding day ready to capture the bride and groom's vows for video, and they have not completed writing it yet! This is a huge mistake and more often than not, will compromise the quality of your wedding film, which you are paying a LOT for! Wedding day is chaotic- with kids running around, vendors setting up, and friends wanting your attention. You will not be able to put 100% of your thoughts together to write vows amongst the madness. Be prepared, write vows will before wedding day.

Tip #3

Cosmetics always run behind. Give your schedule some wiggle room.

9 of 10 times we show up to photograph a wedding, the hair and makeup is far from complete and it's almost time for first look! We suggest adding an extra hour for unexpected delays, or the bride have makeup and hair done before some of the bridesmaids. 

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